Panther CMO Services

The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is responsible for the strategy and execution of the 4 P’s of Marketing:   Product, Place, Price and Promotion. Smart brands understand that a winning playbook includes an integrated marketing strategy across these areas and look to The Panther Group for assistance. The process starts with a strategic assessment and discussion of goals and objectives. A detailed marketing strategy is next followed by ongoing executive oversight of tactical marketing execution.

What’s Included?

• Strategic guidance and marketing plan

• Hands-on strategic business development guidance for immediate and long-term goals

• ROI-oriented brand management oversight, including weekly meetings, 90-day planning and ongoing management

• Investor-level marketing perspectives

• Introductions to strategic partners, vendors and emerging tech

What Marketing Services are available?

Promotional Services

We deliver strategic marketing oversight and leadership over several highly vetted and qualified partners who deliver the tactical executions of the integrated promotional strategy to market.

Data Services

We help clients strategically harness their data and put a plan together on how best to capture, clean and leverage existing and future data.

B2B Lead Generation

Leverage our database of 60K+ cannabis professionals from across more than 20 industry sectors to help businesses forge critical B2B connections to grow and scale their companies.