Built For Your Business

Every program is unique due to client ownership and control.

We work with you to insure our program is in alignment with your category, margin, and your customer experience. Customers can use the card only with your company, online or in-store, driving loyalty, larger transaction values, and increased purchase frequency.

Our Value

We have been successfully running cannabis credit card programs since 2018. Our program is run by experts with 30+ years retail credit experience whose primary focus is profitable incremental sales.

We have the best practices and deep retail experience to custom design the right solution for every retail partner, providing access to customer data and insights into customer behavior.


We Do

Customer Collections

Underwriting & Real-time decisioning

Payment Processing

Customer Billing

Customer Service

Collaborate to Define Strategy and Objectives

Periodic Program Review and Adjustments

Did You Know?

Private label is among the most effective tools to drive incremental sales.

Dedicated credit line is proven to drive increased basket size and purchasing frequency.

PLCCs provide multiple touch-points, targeted messaging, and high service level with a focus on driving add-on sales.

Interest-free initial term + other rewards drive adoption