Panther Promotional Services

In today’s fragmented, multimedia world, promotion involves a strategic and holistic combination of cross platform advertising including digital, print, outdoor, broadcast, and PR. We deliver strategic marketing oversight and leadership over several highly vetted and qualified partners who deliver the tactical executions of the integrated promotional strategy to market.

What’s Included?


Hands on strategic guidance to help establish immediate and long term goals to ensure company success and proven, ROI oriented brand management oversight from one of our CMO professionals (2 – 30 min. mtg per week)

Comprehensive 1st party data strategy including capture, segmentation and execution

Investor-level perspective on marketing as a driver toward growth and exit


Introductions to strategic partners & vendors for plan execution

Create and execute new business development and product development opportunities and launches

Our experience and our network ecosystem are the key differentiators for The Panther Group


Cross Media Marketing strategy plan execution

eCommerce funnel (Landing page, Offer, Email, Retargeting)

Management with a broad based high level industry perspective to inform strategic decisions and partnership opportunities

Create goals and 90 day plans and set up structure for ongoing management