Problems to Solve

Many women owned businesses are going to the same VCs in the space for debt/equity and raising capital.

Despite being a large number of women in the cannabis industry, there are a low number of women in CSuite and exec positions. 

There are no overarching organizations providing key solutions for women.

Why The Panther Group?

Over the last 8 years Panther has not only been a VC helping fund cannabis companies but we have also built an ecosystem to help cannabis professionals in Capital Advisory, Strategic Advisory, Lead Generation and Marketing Services. We have accumulated data around consumers, B2B professionals and investors to support our services. We are also able to cultivate relationships and strategically bring people and opportunities together.

The Solution

Using The Panther Ecosystem, access to capital and other solutions, we will be able to help build and facilitate an infrastructure to strategically promote, strengthen, elevate and grow women led businesses in the industry.

The Outcome

Source Funding and Raise Capital for all companies

Community of women owned businesses that use Panther Services to grow

Brand exposure through live events, webinars, etc

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