Cannabis Testing Lab in New York Market

DRS Testing is a pre-revenue laboratory that is uniquely positioned in one of the most exciting cannabis markets in the United States. As the first dispensaries open in New York, DRS Testing has the opportunity to capture market share as an early provider of laboratory testing services to the industry. 

The New York Cannabis market is expected to become one of the largest in the country with projected revenue of nearly $5 billion.

Global testing market is estimated to be $10.86 billion by 2028 with a CAGR of 19.8%.

Investors will earn 12% interest, compounding for the first 5 years.

Target 5 year ROI for investors is 480%.

DRS Testing is raising $2M in Preferred Equity

Cannabis companies are legally obligated to have their products tested, thus creating a direct pipeline for laboratory testing services.

In New York alone, there are 261 approved cultivators and 25 processors with approved licenses in which the company can target as their customer base.


DRS Testing intends on providing a comprehensive menu of services to stakeholders in the cannabis and hemp/CBD industries. 

Cannabinoid Profiling

Microbiological Screening

Pesticide Screening

Terpene Analysis & more.

DRS is looking for cultivators and processors in New York to grow their customer base.

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