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Using our proven capital raising process, we provide sound strategic advisory for companies to secure an investment.

  • Personal Introductions: We can introduce you to several groups of investors from our marketplace—1) 120+ investors who have invested in Panther deals, 2) family offices, 3) high net-worth retail investors, and 4) top cannabis venture capitalists.
  • Fast & Compliant SPVs: We can launch an SPV in as quick as two weeks. Plus, we do all the leg work: from raising capital and deal structuring advisory to pitch prep and promotion through our marketplace of investors.


  • Investor Compatibility Analysis: We match you with investors based on your overall compatibility score with prospects from our highly-vetted marketplace of connections.
  • Outreach: We initiate your capital raise by disseminating your company materials to promote your company to investors from across the Panther Marketplace.
  • Benchmarks & Optimization: We ensure that the fundraising strategy and plan that we create is successful by maintaining ongoing check-ins to provide coaching and support as well as collectively discuss improvements to implement until the fundraising round is complete.


We turned our passion for lead generation innovation into an expertise using LinkedIn as a tool to garner new leads.

  • Generate Quality Leads Efficiently: We do all the legwork to hand off qualified leads to your sales team designed with ROI in mind.
  • Solutions That Deliver Results: Our targeted lead generation strategies bring you qualified contacts to meet a multitude of business needs.
  • Lead Targeting Strategy: We build out your custom list of targets, connect with your leads, and start to develop your database with new prospects.
  • Lead Qualification: We leverage key data about your connections from our network of strategic partners to deliver a solid list of highly qualified leads — carefully vetted just for your business.

  • Database Building & Reporting: We analyze the numbers to provide a high level breakdown to show you the impact of the campaign and offer you in-depth insights on how best to further connect with your leads.


We help you create digital ad strategies for programmatic advertising, B2B LinkedIn lead automation, social media, email marketing, blogging, and SEM & SEO.


  • Data Driven Targeted Strategies: We leverage first and third-party data segments, including cannabis shopper behavior, layered with geo-targeting. Using programmatic inventory, relevant ads are served to highly targeted audiences via DSPs, publishers, and other inventory partners
  • Targeted Ad Campaign Deployment: We leverage first and third-party data segments, including cannabis shopper behavior, layered with geo-targeting.
  • Cutting Edge Adtech Solutions: We offer seamless access to desktop, mobile, audio/video, and connected TV inventory. We analyze the data and analytics from your ad campaign and website to continually optimize return on ad spend.


  • Reporting/Analytics & Campaign Optimization: We continually provide in-depth analysis and meetings discussing campaign progress along with weekly reports and snapshots to show you the impact of your ad campaign and how to optimize your ad spend so you can maximize ROAS. 


From executive advisory and support to competitive strategy coaching, we provide an array of strategic planning and development support solutions to meet your business needs.

  • Strategic Consulting: We work to help companies to accelerate sales, forge quality connections with key vendors, and media outlets to gain exposure and grow in new markets.
  • Corporate & Business Development:

    We help companies develop and secure strategic partnership opportunities—managing connections between cannabis brands and high-level investors within our exclusive Panther EcoSystem.

  • Transactions: M&A Joint Ventures: We have expertise in joint venture consulting, mergers and acquisitions advisory, due diligence services, and advanced deal structuring.


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