Panther Data Services

Many businesses are overrun with data and don’t have enough time to figure out what data they have, the quality, or how to effectively use it. We put a plan together on how best to capture and clean your data, so it can be monetized and used to expand your customer base.

What’s Included?

• Strategic roadmap on how to use data to capture, segment and contact more customers for more sales

• Increased sales via data-driven lead generation and digital advertising

• Comprehensive 1st party data strategy

• Improved data collection via CRM and Web

• Identify data sets to leverage and support the business

What Data Services are available?

Sales Activation List

We clean up customer sales lists and get them ready for sales so they can spend more time selling.

Digital Audience Segments

We maintain the Cannabis Industry’s largest database of industry professionals and these data are available for digital activation.

Digital Audience Building

Your first party customer data is the most valuable data that you have and should be harnessed for deployment in digital advertising.

Data Enhancement

Holes in existing customer data are filled using Panther data, segmented, and analyzed to create insights.

*add-on project fee